Monthly Reports 2017-2018


Next to each date is a downloadable copy of the book report form and/or the expectations for the oral presentations.

September - free choice book. Written report due September 29.  a good book report.docx

October - non-fiction. Written report due October 30. NonFiction report.pdf

November - The November report is an oral report on how to do or make something. This report will need to have an example or demonstration of the topic. The majority of the work for this report and presentation is to be completed at home. This is not a book report. The oral report will be given the week of December 11-15.  Demonstration Speech Rubric.pdf  How to speech ideas.pdf

December - in-class demonstration on the topic due the week of December 11 - 15.

January - mystery. Written report due January 22. Mystery report.pdf

February - fantasy-fairytale. Written report due February 23. Fantasy Report.pdf

March - biography /autobiography book report due March 20. This will include an oral book retelling, including a written, published book to be completed in class as well as a poster/or a trifold display board completed at home. This report will be given the week of March 19-23. We will also ask the children to be a part of the Family Reading Night at Cherry Valley School on Tuesday evening, March 20. We want the students to dress as their character and be a part of a living history exhibit telling other parents and children about their characterbiography letter.pdf Biography Rubric page 1.pdf   Biography Rubric page 2.pdf

April - animal report. Students will sign up for a date to present an oral report on their chosen animal which will include their exhibit and Discovery Education Board Builder. The exhibit will be completed at home; however, the Board Builder may be completed at school and/or at home. The oral presentations will be given during the week of May 7 - 11. Discovery Tech Board.pdfAnimal Oral Book Report.pdfanimal report rubric.pdfAnimal presentation- Organizational Tool.pdfParent letter.pdf

May - animal report. Oral presentations during the week of May 7 - 11.

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