About Our School

Cherry Valley Elementary School is the first of two new RPS 205 elementary schools to be built to better serve our community.

The student population will increase to about 600 students.  There will be four sections of K-5 classrooms (3rd grade will only have three) with three additional classrooms of a special program. Many staff members from Cherry Valley, Thompson and White Swan will transfer to the new school so students will see many familiar faces.

Students had the opportunity to help choose school colors and a school mascot. The colors are dorian grey and calypso blue. The school mascot is the "Chargers" with a lightening bolt.

The design of the building promotes 21st Century teaching and learning. Each learning space has natural lighting. The layout of the school has each grade level clustered by each other. Kindergarten classrooms are 1,200 sq. ft. and have doors connecting to each other. Grades 1 through 5 have classrooms that are 900 sq. ft. and a collaboration space for students to use to work together on projects and learning activities. 

The furniture in the building also promotes 21st Century learning. Seating is flexible which means students will make a choice each day where to learn. Students will choose a wobbly stool, tall stool, chair, soft seat, standing, or floor seating. All furniture is mobile to allow for quick transformations of learning groupings.

This is a very exciting time for RPS 205 and our families.  It is highly encouraged that your families attend any of the open houses at the new school prior to the first day of school.


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