Homework Policy


Welcome to the new school year!  At the beginning of each week, your child will bring home a weekly homework packet. Suggested pacing is on the front of the packet, but work can be completed at your pace. The packet is then due the following Monday.

When your child comes home, please look at their folder.  In the folder, students have designated pockets for work that has been completed, as well as for work that needs to return to school.  Any handouts students receive for homework should be in the “Return to School” pocket.

Homework is not scored for academic progress, but will instead be scored as an effort grade.  Please help emphasize to your child that using their homework as practice will help them grasp the in-class material, and is their chance to make mistakes.  Even if the homework is not finished, a “good faith” effort will be counted as completed.

Students are assessed based on their ability to achieve learning standards at their grade level.  Whenever a student completes an assignment, I will use it to assess at what level your child is achieving that standard.  I will distribute one progress report per trimester that will inform you where your child stands in relation to these standards. If a student is not completing work in the time allotted, recess time may be used to complete said work. I try to get work graded and returned by the following Monday. Starting second trimester you should be able to use Parent Portal to keep track of your child’s work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by calling the school after school hours.  Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful year!

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