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You will notice we don't do traditional spelling words in my classroom. I use a program called Words Their Way. It is researched based and designed so that students can work on words at their level. ​​​

I will give a spelling inventory (test) multiple times a year to determine your child's developmental spelling stage. Based on those results I will divide the class into groups and each group will have a different spelling list. 

How it works:

Students get their lists (each group will get their list on a different day)

I review what their spelling pattern is and their sorting categories for that week. 

Students will spend a week working on that list.

Activities students will do with their words: cut them up, sort them based on their pattern, write them, illustrate them, define them, add them to their word bank in a notebook, write them in their planner, glue them on a sorting page.

Students are graded weekly on a page they turn in at the end of the week. I grade how the student glued their words onto their sorting page and the writing page on the back side of the sorting page.​

There are no "spelling tests". This program focuses on noticing patterns in words and helping them spell other words using those patterns. Where with spelling tests students are simply memorizing a list. 

Homework:  I will not assign spelling homework. However, I will not discourage my students from practicing them at home.

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