The number 1 thing I want my students to be doing all day long is to be kind. What better way to learn to be kind than by being kind to a family member, friend, or stranger for no reason at all. 

This year we will work on purpusefully being kind and passing on the kindness to someone else. ​​ We will be using RAKs or Random Acts of Kindness. 

I have attached a copy of the RAK's for you to print out at home anytime you need extras. Be sure you only print page 1. 

Here's how it works:

Cut out the RAKs so that you have 4 strips of paper. You will leave 2 RAKs attached, the left hand RAK is signed by "Brookview Elem. student", that one is for the person your child extends the kindness to. The RAK on the right side is for that person to now continue to pass the kindness on. 

Print RAKs here.pdf

For example, I drive through Meg's and want to pay for the coffee of the person behind me, when I pay I give the cashier the RAK and ask them to give it to the person behind me with their coffee. They now have both RAKs, one from me and one for them to pass the kindess on to someone else. 

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