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Our district has adopted a new math curriculum. It is called Investigations (Pearson). ​Please bear with me this year as I too will be learning how the curriculum is organized. 

Students will use a poly folder to hold our in class notes, workbook pages, and homework. This folder will come home Monday-Thursday so that students can use their notes from class and workbook pages to help them with their homework. It is very important that this folder returns to school everyday. 

There will be homework Monday-Thursday. 

Investigations math games to play online. ​click here

There are 9 units, each unit will have multiple check points/quizzes and a end of unit test. 

 Unit 1 place value -Making 100, 100s chart to help with math homework 100 grid.pdf

 Unit 2 Measurement and Data

 Unit 3 addition and subtraction within 1,000

 Unit 4 perimeter, area, and geometry 

 Unit 5 multiplication and division

 Unit 6 tables (will be moved to end of the school year)

 Unit 7 fractions

 Unit 8 addition and subtraction​ review

 Unit 9 geometry 

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