Class Schedule

​​​​​​​​​Our Daily Schedule​​​​​

​​7:40-8:00 morning work, silent read, student led opening

8:00-9:00 math

9:00-9:28 Monday: Making Meaning (story time)

                 Tuesday: Second Step (social and emotional skills)

                 Wednesday: iPad's

                 Thursday: Shades of Meaning (word meanings/vocabulary)

                 Friday: Shades of Meaning (word meanings/vocabulary)

9:28-10:13 specials

                  A day music​

                  B day PE

                  C day art

10:14-10:25 snack/read aloud

10:25-11:00 social studies or science

11:00-11:15 word sort (spelling)

11:15-12:00 Writer's Workshop

12:00-12:40 lunch/recess

12:40-1:10 Reader's Workshop

1:10-2:00 silent reading and guided reading​

1:30-2:00 Library (Mondays)​

2:00-2:10 student led closing and dismissal 

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