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​​​​​​Welcome to Room 18

We are heading to the end of the trimester.  Several of the students have let me know that they want to present their genius projects.  Can't wait to see them.

We are starting our Native American Research Project.  In this project we will begin learning to do research, take notes, create a bibliography, develop an outline, and create a quality paper.

Students have selected a tribal group they are interested in researching.  They will research and write on all components of the groups.  In addition they will select one specific topic that they are going to be responsible for presenting on.  Presentations will be done by a group, with each member being the expert on one area. 

Notes will be graded with the first check being the day before Thanksgiving.  Additional dates will be sent home on the class dojo system.


 Class Dojo

I have been using the class dojo messaging system to send home various class information.  If you haven't accessed it , please do so.  Several notices have been sent home with your code.  if you need another please let me know.  


 ​Supply Request

​​There are 2 supplies that I use that are not included on the 5th grade supply list.  One 1 to 1 1/2 inch three ring binder and a composition book(non spiral)  I do have a supply of used three ring binders, but some kids like their own.  Any design is ok.  These are used as their data binders where they will be keeping tests, personal goals, portfolio​ items.  These will be shared with you at conferences.  The composition books are used for a daily math practice that I call the Morning Math Sponge.  I have found they work much better than a spiral.  I noticed that Target had loads of them last week, so I'm hoping they are going on sale,  If you see a good price, please​ let me know.

​Contact information

​My email is kimberly.ball@rps205. On work days, I check my email between 7 am and 7:40 and right after school.  Sometimes I have the chance to also check it at lunch.  My practice is to always answer within 24 hours.  If you do not get a timely response, please let me know.


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