Community Outreach

​   Zoe and Food Bank

Community Outreach​

                  I am a big believer in teaching students to give back to their community. Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, I began volunteering with my

class at the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Loves Park. The minimum age requirement for children to volunteer there is eight years old. 

This has been such a wonderful opportunity for students to volunteer side by side with their parents and teachers.  Students sort non-perishable

food items, label and pack boxes, all to benefit local shelters and food pantries in the Rockford area. In social studies, we learn about what makes a good citizen. 

 Instead of allowing students to solely read about being an active citizen in their community, why not give them an opportunity to do so?

          Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2013

Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2013

                                                                          Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2013

                                                                                                             Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2013


                                                                             Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2014

Food Bank Volunteer Shift Jan. 2014


IEA Score Grant 2013-2014 school year

               After receiving funding through a generous grant provided by the IEA (Illinois Educator's Association), the third grade students in my class began

a service project that involved shoveling snow for their neighbors.  After I was awarded the SCORE Grant, I purchased a pair of fleece lined waterproof gloves

and a snow shovel for each student in my classroom.  The students and I came up with a goal to shovel snow for 100 homes during the winter months.  The students

 worked hard during a very active and particularly treacherous winter and in the end we shoveled 103 homes for people living in and around the Brookview neighborhood.

  Our story was picked up by the Associated Press and was featured in newspapers around the country.  Mayor Morrissey even came to our classroom to celebrate with

us and declared April  29, 2014, Mrs. Frankfort's Third Grade Class Day.


Snow Angels newspaper clipping      Proclamation



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