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We love 1st Grade and doing many fun things!!

Check out some pictures of what is going on in Room 8!!​

  OH NO!!! Santa is stuck in the chimney and we can't get him out!!  However, we came up with some REALLY clever ways to help him out and also a few things we would do to him while he was stuck!!

Santa stuck in chimney projects above row of lockers 

We did it!!! We had the best class participation at Beef-a-Roo night!!! We earned a pizza party!! 

Pizza PartyPizza Party Pizza PartyPizza Party

Polygon Fun!!  We had a great time creating polygons using drinking straws and twisty ties!! Who knew that such simple items could keep up quiet and busy for 30 minutes!! We created triangles, squares, diamonds, pentagons and hexagons!! Next we are going to attempt octagons and decagons!!! Ohhhh!!! Getting crazy!

Polygon Fun 

A HUGE thank you to all of the families that sent in SPOOKY treats for our Witches Brew on Halloween! We had SO much bubbling & brewing, that we were able to share with our Book Buddies as well!!

Halloween celebration, Class photo 


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