Student Contact Information

Student Contact Information

For emergency purposes, please let the school office know if you have a change in address, a change in phone number or you would like to add someone to your child's pick-up list. Please note the parent/guardian must come to the school in person to make any changes to your child's records.

Change of Address: A form needs to be filled out to change your address. You must provide a copy of your lease with a receipt of payment, or you can provide a utility bill and a state document (medical card, etc.) Again, you must come into the office to change your address.

Phone Numbers: Your phone number is our lifeline to your child's safety, health issues, or any other kind of notification that we may have for you. Please keep your phone numbers up-to-date.

Pick-Up List: If you need to add or remove a person from your child's pick-up list, the parent/guardian must come to the school office to do this. It is important for you to add several individuals to your list who you think, at some point, may pick up your child. 


For the safety of your child, we will not release your child to an individual who is not listed on the pickup list. 

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