About Wilson ASPIRE

​                    ​   ASPIRE       =        Achieving Success... Providing Inspiration... Reaching Everyone .

​​Wilson ASPIRE serves students with a variety of education needs that cannot successfully be addressed in a general education building.  These needs may include: significant cognitive delays, serious medical issues, autism that severely impacts daily functioning, behavioral challenges, or a combination of the above.

Each student receives daily individual educational programming based on IL Standards.  There is an emphasis on functional independence, developing socially appropriate behavior, occupying free time purposefully, developing functional communication skills, and developing vocational skills. The goal is to help students become more self-reliant as they move toward adulthood.

Daily IEP goals/objectives include many different types of activities to give students well-rounded learning opportunities.  For example, the students participate in shopping, preparing, and serving lunch for staff as a vocational task.  Other vocational tasks include: maintaining the fish tank, plants and flowers; vacuuming, and laundry.  To build independence, students bring attendance envelopes to the office, do daily report, work on hanging up their coats/book bags, and clean-up their work areas.

Developing a means to communicate is critical.  Our speech therapists encourage different modes of communication.  These may include: pictures, signs, gestures, picture books and boards, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), voice output communication aids (VOCA), vocalization and verbalization.  Students can then tell us their needs, wants and choices, have a way to participate in activities and increase their independence.

Another very important area that is crucial to student development is demonstrating socially appropriate behavior.  All classrooms have individual classroom management plans. These are designed to assist students to develop and maintain good behavior. Being socially appropriate will give the students more opportunities to be a productive member of their community.

Our students are taught to use their free time in a meaningful way. We provide opportunities to learn a variety of games, look at magazines, watch movies, and experience community outings.

Our dedicated and loyal staff provide daily, intensive programming to help each individual student reach his/her potential.​

Wilson ASPIRE is located in the south-west wing of the Kennedy Middle School building at 520 North Pierpont Avenue, Entrance L.  We were previously the Page Park School Program for students located in the building at ​5949 Safford Road. ​The program name was changed and the move from Safford Road was completed the fall of 2008.​
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