Monday August 24, 2015

Math: "Multiplication Draw" completed in-class as a group activity.

All students received an assignment today


Tuesday August 25, 2015

Math: Workbook pgs. 1-4

Reading: Read "Winn-Dixie" complete sequence chart of first four events of the story.


Wednesday August 26, 2015

Math: Workbook pgs. 15-16


Thursday, August 27, 2015

No homework


Friday August 28, 2015

Reading: MAP test was administered today.

The first two days of "Rocket Math" sent home today.  Papers from Rocket Math activities during the week will be brought home on Friday.


Monday August 31, 2015

Spelling: This weeks list; admire, method, rally, soccer, accident, intend, flatten, rascal, gutter, cannon, dungeon, magnify, festival, thunderstorm, injury.

All words in the weeks spelling list will be written two (2) times in cursive and the highlighted words require a synonym and definition to be handed-in on Friday. Tests will always be on Friday.

Math: Chapter 1 exam will be tomorrow. chapter review was completed today in-class

Math MAP testing will be Wednesday (9/2). Please encourage students to put forth their best effort in all situations.


Tuesday September 1, 2015

Social Studies: Students are to choose one (1) of the two activities on pg.13. Students who opted to create the poster were given the poster-paper in class.  Students also received the rubric for evaluation.


Wednesday September 2, 2015

Math: softcover pgs. 21,22,23


Thursday September 3, 2015

Spelling: assignment and exam


Friday September 4, 2015

No Homework


Tuesday September 8, 2015

Math: pgs. 27-30 soft cover book


Wednesday September 9, 2015

Social Studies:  Students should brainstorm ideas for a story about a child that moves from one type of community to another, such as from a rural community to a suburb.  Ideas should include how the new community is like the old one, and how it is different.


Thursday September 10, 2015

Math: Chapter 2 exam for Friday 9/11.  Chapter review completed in class.


Friday September​​ 11, 2015

Math: Some students received todays activity back and were asked to redo it as a result of poor work quality. (pg.83 hardcover math) They have step by step instructions on how to complete an assignment properly.  Redone assignment is due Monday 9/14.

Lang arts: story map for writing



Monday September 14, 2015

Math: Softcover pgs. 55, 56,57, and 58

Spelling: This week's focus "Long a and i" ; sigh, right, weigh, eight, detail, grain, slight, thigh, tight, raisin, eighteen, mayonnaise, campaign, daylight, twilight.   Words  for this weeks list need to be written 2x each in cursive, Create a compound sentence for each of the highlighted words, and provide an antonym for the highlighted words.


Thursday September 17, 2015

Spelling : exam and assignment due

Reading: in my absence students were assigned in class questions from the story " Lewis and Clark and me" pg.52. I will collect these items tomorrow.  On pg.77 students  are to write an "Introduction into the dog hall of fame" and deliver it as an introduction speech for the class.



Friday September 18, 2015

No homework

Students should be finishing up activities from the "sub" days earlier in the week.

Students should also be completing study island in a timely fashion.


Monday September 21, 2015

Spelling: Long o and e, sweet, each, three, least, freedom, eagle, indeed, rainbow, grown, seaweed, Halloween, speedometer, underneath, seacoast, cocoa

Reading: The class started the novel "Firestorm" today.  Students should read chapter 1 and keep a journal record of "unknown" vocabulary by chapter.  Students also need to define the "exposition" for the novel, This in contained in the "Story Structure Chart" that was created in class.

Tuesday September 22, 2015

Spelling: Due Friday 9/25: Students will select eight (8) words from this week's list.  They will create sentences that are exclamatory, Imperative, Declarative, and Interrogative.  Words may not be used in more than one sentence.

Reading: "Firestorm' chapter 2 , identify and define unknown vocab. and possible rising actions components.

Math: Hard Cover pgs. 91,93,95, and board questions.


Wednesday September 23, 2015

Lang arts: paragraph 1+2 of "changing community" story.  (rough draft only)


Thursday September 24, 2015

lang arts: paragraph 3+4 for community story

Math: pgs.69,70,71,72 (Soft Cover)


Friday September 25, 2015

lang Arts: "Final Copy" of community paper due Tuesday 9/29 ( students were provided with a grading rubric)


Tuesday September 29, 2015

Math: pg.114 in Hard Cover (Thinking Cap) with a step by step explanation of how answers were arrived at.

Reading: Firestorm chapter 3 with unknown vocab. journal entries

Social Studies: read pgs.72-75


Wednesday September 30, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapter 3 Cartoon Strip with at least eight (8) slides. Colorful and containing dialogue. Project should events in the chapter and have logical progression.


Thursday October 1, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapter 4 w/ vocabulary

Science: Leaf Project


Monday October 5, 2015

Spelling: This weeks words, Long e; prairie, calorie, honey, valley, money, balcony, steady,  alley, trolley, misty, frequency, parsley, journey, chimney, attorney.


Wednesday October 7, 2015

Lang Arts: This weeks spelling needs to include one paragraph containing five (5) words from this weeks list.  Your writing should also include a topic sentence and supporting details, words used should be highlighted in some way, paragraph should be five sentences in length. Words from the list should also be written 2x in cursive.


Thursday October 8, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapter 5+6 w/ unknown vocabulary journal should be completed by Tuesday 10/13.


Friday October 9, 2015

No home work


Tuesday October 13, 2015

Social Studies: students are gathering background knowledge pertaining to "National" holidays.  They are researching accomplishments of Cesar Chavez and Casimir Pulaski: what are some of their accomplishments and why are these accomplishments important to the U.S. Also, students are to choose a "National" holiday from their country of origin and provide information as to why it is a "National" holiday


Wednesday October 14, 2015

Math: softcover pgs. 89,90,91,92

Reading: "Scholastic news" ; Craft an opinion and back cover of this issue


Thursday October 15, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapters 7+8 w/unknown vocab due Monday 10/19

Lang arts: Choose a character you would like to spend the day with. Tell us why you selected that character.  What would you do during that day?  (max 1page in length)


Monday October 19, 2015

Spelling: ​truth, bruise, cruel, excuse, pupil,, groove, confuse, humor, duty, curfew, influence, aluminum, nutrition, accumulate, igloo.

Lang Arts: Students are to create five (5) compound sentences using ten (10) words from this weeks list.  They should have notes regarding compound sentences.  The spelling words used should be highlighted in some fashion. This assignment is due Friday October 23rd.


Wednesday October 21, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapters 11,12,and 13 need to be read by Friday.

Math: softcover pgs.93,94,95,96

Science: Read pgs.247- 253 (purple book) answer the following questions with the page number were you located the response, in complete sentence form, correct spelling and organization. 

1) What characteristics make water a natural resource ?

2) Why is it important to use ores and fuels wisely?

3) What reasons would you give to support this statement:  Farmers should use contour planting and plant trees.

4) What are ways to reduce the amount of trash we make?


Thursday October 22, 2015

Math: softcover pgs. 97,98,99,100

Social studies: pg.357 "Art Activity'


Monday October 26, 2015

Spelling: Irregular Plurals; radios, sheep, cuffs, beliefs, patios, children, tornadoes, tomatoes, hoofs, loaves, portfolios, embargoes, handkerchiefs, calves, lassoes

Math: softcover​ pgs. 102+103

Reading: "Firestorm" chapters 14,15, and 16 by Wednesday.


Tuesday October 27, 2015

Lang.Arts:​ students are to create five (5) metaphors or similes or a combination of the two. (only 5 in total) incorporating words from this weeks list. Due Friday 10/30


Wednesday October 28, 2015

Reading: Create a "bookmark" summary for chapters 15+16 due Monday 11/2


Monday November 2, 2015

Math: "softcover" pgs. 117+118

Spelling: words with ar,or ; partner, storm, Florida, apartment, sport, force, forward, sharp, garden, Arkansas, departure, margarine, informative, snorkel, carnation


Tuesday November 3, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapters 20, 21, and 22 need to be read by Thursday 11/5


Thursday November 5, 2015

Spelling: no assignment attached to this weeks list, simply written 2x in cursive.



Friday November 6, 2015

Students should be working on "Study Island" , both the NWEA section and class assignments


Monday November 9, 2015

Reading: "Summary of chapters 23+24 (one paragraph each) 25,26,27 need to read by Thursday.



Tuesday November 10, 2015

Lang arts: Cinquian Poem- Thursday


Friday November 13, 2015

No Homework


Monday November 16, 2015

Spelling: turkey, heard, early, turtle, birthday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey, turquoise, absurd, furthermore, flourish, nourishment.  Words need to be written 4x each in cursive-Due Friday 11/20

Reading: "firestorm" chapters 28,29, and 30 read by Wednesday


Thursday November 19, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" chapters 31-34 read by Monday

Lang arts: reading book pgs. 306-307 "Our National Parks" complete questions in right margin


Friday November 20, 2015



Monday November 24, 2015

No Homework


Monday November 30, 2015

Spelling : stopped, stopping, dried, drying, happened, happening, noticed, noticing, robbed, robbing, slipped, slipping, hurried, hurrying, answered, answering, magnified, magnifying, interfered, interfering


Tuesday December 1, 2015

Any work not completed in-class should be taken home and finished for the next day.


Wednesday December 2, 2015

Reading: "Firestorm" all chapters need to be read by Monday 12/7


Thursday December 3, 2015

Lang Arts: Create "Plot Map" for the "Nutcracker" , also identify main characters, composer, and setting


Monday December 7, 2015

Spelling: break, brake, there, their, they're, threw, through, by, bye, beat, beet, thrown, throne, aloud, allowed, principal, principle, symbol, cymbal, stationary, stationery

Math: Hardcover pgs. 238+239

Reading: Scholastic News-"A Blaring Problem", News Graph, and News Review


Tuesday December 8, 2015

Lang Arts: find five commonly used idioms and rewrite expressions with new comparisons

Reading: Firestorm "Final Project" due Friday 12/18.  Students are to choose one (1) of the following options 1- Word Collage, 2-Title Acrostic, 3-Tangible or Intangible gifts, and 4- Community resources for characters.  Detailed explanations of each option where given in class.

Friday December 11, 2015

No Homework


Monday December 14, 2015

Spelling: couch, towel, ounce, coward, outdoors, flowerpot, scowl, browse, announce, hound, trout, drowsy, grouch, eyebrow, boundary, cauliflower, foundation, surround, allowance, counselor

Reading: answering the "Question of the week" on pg. 351 in the reading street book. (one paragraph)

Social Studies: Read pgs. 340-343/ complete "Research activity" on pg.343


Tuesday December 15, 2015

No homework


Wednesday December 16, 2015



Thursday December 17, 2015

Lang arts: "Holiday writing" options rough draft for in-class editing ( rubric was also sent home)

Math: softcover pgs.159+160


Friday December 18, 2015

No Homework

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


Monday January 4, 2016

Math: softcover 163+164

Reading: Chapter 1 "Sign of the Beaver"

Lang arts: rough draft for "Holiday Writing"

Spelling: laboratories', laboratory's, witnesses', witness's, countries', country's, boys', boy's, aunts', teachers', teacher's, brothers' ,brother's, theirs, hers, girls', girl's, men's, man's, aunt's


Tuesday January 5,2016

Math: softcover- pgs.165,166,167,168

Reading: "Sign of the Beaver" chapter2


Wednesday January 6, 2016

Math: "Midyear" review in softcover due Friday 1/8

Lang arts: Possessives paper ( must contain 10 highlighted  possessive nouns) due Friday 1/8


Thursday January 7, 2016

Spelling: Friday exam/ words 3x cursive


Tuesday January 13th, 2016

Math: softcover pgs. 4+5

Reading: identify unknown vocab in chapter 3 of "sign of the beaver"


Wednesday January 20, 2016

Math: "Hard Cover" pgs. 26+27

Lang arts: "Scholastic News" respond with one (1) paragraph for each a) Should dogs be allowed in restaurants and b) Respond to the "Sticky Situation" 


Thursday January 21, 2016

Math: "Hard Cover" pg.30


Monday January 25, 2016

Math: "Softcover" 23,24,25,26

Spelling: we'd, mustn't, might've, who'll, it'll, haven't, when's, we've, it's, they're, aren't, hadn't, where's, couldn't, shouldn't, wasn't, here's, I've, doesn't, you're


Tuesday January 26, 2016

No homework


Thursday January 28, 2016

Math: "softcover" pgs. 31,32, 33,34

Social Studies: Students should create a "Generations" chart to include Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, showing years born, jobs, religion, and three categories of their own choosing.


Friday January 29, 2016

No homework


Monday February 1, 2016

Math: "Hardcover" pgs.56+58

Reading : "Sign of the Beaver" chapters 13+14

Lang arts: Venn Diagram for stories "Ant and Bear / Great Horned Toad


Tuesday February 2, 2016

Social studies: Explain in 3 (three) paragraphs how the "Gold Rush", "Railroad Construction" , Chinese Exclusion Act , and Angel Island affected Asian immigration in the 1800's.

Reading: "Sign of the Beaver" chapters  15+16


Wednesday February 3, 2016

Social Studies: Students should be working toward finishing their 5 facts for each continent map


Thursday February 4, 2016

No Homework


Monday February 8, 2016

Spelling: character, cubicle, individual, binocular, strengthen, deliver, mumble, frighten, oval, shelter, pitcher, animal, paddle, caterpillar, threaten, summer, several, needle, calendar, together.

Social Studies: Complete an additional 2 days for "Hannah's Journal" which starts on pg.178 in the text.


Tuesday February 9, 2016

No Homework


Wednesday February 10, 2016

Lang arts: Ellis Island experience paper


Thursday February 11, 2016

Math: "Softcover" pgs. 57, 58, 59, 60

Reading: " Character Map" for either Attean or Matt.  Sign of the Beaver


Friday February 12, 2016

No homework


Tuesday February 16, 2016

No Homework


Wednesday February 17, 2016

Reading: Sign of the Beaver reading should be finished by the end of this week.


Friday , February 19, 2016

No Homework


Monday February 22, 2016

Math: Chapter 13 review, pgs. 108, 109, 110, 111- "Hardcover"

Science: read pgs. 120-123, complete checkpoint questions on pg.120  and 123

Spelling: competition, contraction, artificial, physician, comprehension, portion, politician, suspension, solution, official, caution, addition, extension, gracious, tradition, motion, especially, tension, vacation, creation.


Tuesday February 23, 2016

No Homework


Wednesday February 24, 2016

Science: read pgs. 124-127, complete checkpoint questions on pgs. 125+127


Thursday February 25, 2016

Math: "softcover" pgs. 97,98,99, 100


Friday , February 26, 2016

No Homework


Monday February 29, 2016

Spelling: advantage, frequent, inquire, aquarium, expedition, expert, quilt, liquid, quart, exercise, excellent, fudge, Texas, expect, excited, queen, equal, question, knowledge, bridge

Lang  arts:  Sign of the Beaver "end of novel project" options list sent home today ( choose one) and rubric. Projects are due MONDAY MARCH 14TH.

Science: complete the K in the KWL chart for water



Tuesday March 1, 2016

Science: Students are to define vocab that was given for the KWL chart.  Page numbers for the location of each word in the science text were given in class.


Wednesday March 2, 2016

Lang arts: Due Friday 3/4, Ten (10) sentences to include a spelling word from this week's list, identifying the subject and predicate.

Spelling: Due Friday, words  from this weeks list written 4x each in cursive 


Friday March 4, 2016



Monday March 7, 2016

Spelling: intolerant, unappetizing, unconscious, disillusioned, disintegrate, unsuspecting, disobey, unsolved, disapprove, inability, disrepair, unlisted, unimportant, disrespect, unopened, indirect, discount, disorder, unaware, discontinue


Tuesday March 8, 2016

Reading: Reptile fact sheet ( based on the "Slippery Salamander") pg.155/  Also, discuss in writing whether Sam Maine acted with Fairness when he stole the tiger salamander- why or why not?

Math: line plot from class data


Monday March 14, 2016

Math: "softcover" pgs. 130+131

Spelling: inflammable, outlandish, understatement, universally, multicultural, midshipman, displacement, questionable, repayment, sportsmanship, gleefully, watchfully, unhappily, undefined, misdialed, retirement, declaration, unbreakable, refreshment, disagreeable


Wednesday March 16, 2016

Reading: students read "Smokejumpers" starting on pg. 180 (cat book) and create a job description for either a "jumpmaster" or "Master parachute rigger "and create three (3) questions to ask people to determine if they are suited for the job.

Lang arts: create a "Free Verse" poem to include 2 of the personality similes that students created. must have a "theme", include figurative language and personification. ( DUE FRIDAY 3/18)


Thursday March 17, 2016

Spelling: Exam tomorrow


Monday March 21, 2016

Spelling: no list this week


Tuesday March 22, 2016

Reading: Scholastic News, "sticky situation" 2 paragraphs, News graph and News Review

Science; Read pgs. 156-161


Wednesday March 23, 2016

No Homework


Thursday March 24, 2016

Enjoy  your vacation


Monday April 4, 2016

Reading: "Lost City"  pgs. 206-217 (Cat Book)

Lang Arts:  Choose Speech Topic



Tuesday April 5, 2016

Reading: "cliffhanger" begins on pg.234 (Cat book)

Lang arts: Students should have chosen speech topic and developing 3-4 specific points about that topic they would like to share.



Wednesday April 6, 2016

Reading: "Moonwalk" begins on pg.294 (Cat book)

Lang arts: Create introduction to speech


Thursday April 7, 2016

Reading: 10 interesting facts about Norway ( based the current novel "Snow Treasure)

Lang arts: first item for the "body" of your speech


Friday April 8, 2016

Lang arts: "rough draft" of speech for Monday 4/11


Monday April 11, 2016

Lang arts: "rough draft" rehearsal until Wednesday.  At that point speech needs to be on note cards in bullet-point format.  Speeches will be evaluated on Friday 4/15.

Erin's Law presentation was given today and material regarding topic sent home.


Tuesday April 12, 2016

Lang arts: speech prep needs to continue, practice delivery will be done in class

Work on Study Island Independently


Friday April 15, 2016



Monday April 18, 2016

No Homework


Thursday April 21, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapters 2+3


Friday April 22, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapter 3+4

Math: pgs. 247-252 (softcover)


Monday April 25, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapter 7+8 and complete list of six (6) items that create an anxious and fearful environ​ment in chapter 6.

Math: "Softcover" pgs. 155-158

Spelling: reorganize, reconstruct, noncommittal, mispronounce, misinterpret, precaution, nonstick, nonprofit, misprint, readjust, prejudge, rebound, nonfiction, reunion, misbehavior, reseal, recover, nonstop, precook, remove.

Lang arts: Students are to create ten (10) sentences that will include all the spelling words from this weeks list. Two words from the spelling list in each sentence.  Due Friday 4/29.


Wednesday April 27, 2016

Math: pgs. 145-150 (softcover)

Reading: " Snow Treasure" chapters 9+10

Lang arts: List three (3) protagonists form previous books and write about what you think makes an especially interesting protagonist.


Thursday April 28, 2016

Lang arts: Spelling sentences due tomorrow



Friday April 29, 2016

No homework


Monday May 3, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure' chapters 11+12



Thursday May 5, 2016

Math: "Softcover" pgs. 209+210

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapters 13+14

Science: "Wetland" questions ( given in class)


Friday May 6, 2016

Reading; "Snow Treasure" comprehension questions ( Given in class)

Math: pgs.171+172 "softcover"



Monday May 9, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapter 15+16

Math: " Softcover" pgs. 108, 110, 122, 164, 165


Tuesday May 10, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapters 17+18


Wednesday May 11, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapters 19+20

Social Studies: read pgs.314-317/ complete "art activity" , students started project at school and will have time to put "finishing Touches" on the project tomorrow. 


Thursday May 12, 2016

Science: Read pgs. 199-205/ Complete questions #1 on pg. 199, question# 3 on pg. 201, question #2 on pg.203, and question # 2 on pg. 204.


Monday May 16, 2016

Science: Read pgs. 423-427/ complete questions #2 pg.423, #2 pg. 425, #2 pg.427, and #3 pg. 427

Reading: "Snow Treasure" chapters 21-24


Tuesday May 17, 2016

No Homework



Wednesday May 18, 2016

Reading: "Snow Treasure" should be complete by the end of the week

Math: "End of year Review" (work on extensively in-class)

Lang Arts: "Snow Treasure" vocabulary matching

Science: read pgs.428-431/ complete question # 2 on pg 429, question #1 on pg. 431, and question # 3 on pg. 431 ( worked on in-class)




























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