Language and Reading

Online Library Resources
All research should come from reliable sources and be properly cited.

Reading Suggest​ions
These are the 2016 Caudill nominees. Students who read a minimum of 10 of these books by May 9, 2016 will be treated to a luncheon by the teacher.

Written Response Rubric

Useful guidelines for essay or paragraph length answers.​

Typing is becoming as important to writing as cursive use to be. Work on those typing skills if you want to get your work done quickly.

​Essay Map  Use this program to help you organize your essays

Dictionary and Thesaurus​
You should always know the meaning of your spelling words and use interesting, specific words in your writing.

Sentence Patterns for Variety.pdf
Use this list and examples from P. Hostmeyer to help you vary your sentence structures.

Rhyming Dictionary




Funbrain Spelling Games

Save the Comma




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