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Fantasy Review Rubric (Tri1)

Realistic Fiction Review Rubric (Tri 1)

Exemplary Example - Realistic Fiction Review

Mystery Review Rubric (Tri 2)

Historical Fiction Rubric (Tri 2)


Poetry Review Rubric (Tri 3)

Non-Fiction Rubric (Tri 3)

 Denslow's Mother Goose 

Math Sites
Math Playground 

Discovery Education Login 

Hurricane Webquest


Nervous System/Brain
Brain diagramsBrain Songs

Populations & Ecosystems/Diversity of Life
Constructing food webs - Gould LeaguePopulations - McGrawHill

Chemistry & Properties of Matter

Forces & Motion

SeaPerch Info

PBS SciGirls SeaPerch

MIT SeaPerch Videos

SeaPerch Step-by-Step How-to Videos



​Just for Fun 
What if? Hypothetical Questions With Physics​

In Our Time - BBC Podcasts on Science Topics​

Social Studies Links
Citation Maker

Lost Island Simulation

Native Americans
Totem Pole Symbols and Their Meanings

Cahokia Mounds, ILNative American Websites

Lewis and Clark - PBS Database

Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation

Lewis and Clark - National Park Service

Jefferson's Letter to Congress about Lewis and Clark Expedition

Missouri Historical Society - Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibition

Colonization/Life in Early Colonies
Discovery Education Database

Washington Library Database

American Revolution/Revolutionary Biographies​

Government: Articles of Confederation/Constituion/Bill of Rights


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