Marshall Elementary Library

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Mission of the Thurgood Marshall Elementary Library is to provide curriculum support by

  • engaging students in current and classic literature,

  • facilitating the acquisition of research skills in both print and digital formats, and

  • fostering interest in information and ideas.

The Vision of the Thurgood Marshall Elementary Library is to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.


June Jacob, Licensed Librarian/Teacher

Ann Reali, Library Paraprofessional


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Summer reading is an important element in every child’s education. By reading 15 minutes a day, students will avoid “summer slide.” This refers to the tendency for students to lose some of their achievement gains of the school year because they aren’t reading enough. You can combat summer slide in many ways. Explore reading online with Marshall ebooks. We have a selection of ebooks for students to access all summer. To find the ebooks, go to the RPS 205 homepage, students tab, Destiny Online Library Catalog. Choose Thurgood Marshall  Elementary, then choose Destiny Discover. You will see “ebooks.” These can be read on a phone, tablet, or computer. To check a book out, students use their lunch numbers as their user names and passwords. No overdues possible! In addition, the public library offers free library cards to students, access to more ebooks, and summer reading programs. Keep your students reading this summer!

Library reminder to students and parents: All library books are due May 17. Please get all books turned into the library. If a book is lost, payment is due so that the book can be replaced. Thank you for your help.

And THANK YOU for another successful Spring Book Fair! We are so appreciative of all the support your purchases and the PTO give our library.


Our book fair will be open April 8 - 12. The library receives the proceeds from the fair, so don't miss it!

The results of our award book voting are in! At Marshall Elementary the favorite picture book from the Monarch list is Claymates. In this story, two balls of clay have a great time shaping themselves into all kinds of animals, until their sculptor comes back and finds the mess they've made. The 3rd and 4th graders chose Whoosh! as their favorite Bluestem book. This true story, written by NASA engineer and inventor Lonnie Johnson, tells of his accidental invention of the Super Soaker, the most powerful water gun ever.

During April, students of all ages will discuss internet safety and cyberbullying. The children are taught to tell their parents or other trusted adults if they experience online bullying. This is a perfect opportunity for parents to discuss guidelines for internet use at home and on phones. Ask students what websites they visit. Talk over appropriate use of technology. There are great resources published for parents to help guide their children and keep them safe. is one such site. The Illinois Attorney General website offers information about internet safety, too. You can find it at Go to "safeguarding children." Then click on "internet safety."


March is voting month in the library. First and second graders will vote on their favorite Monarch book for this year. Third and fourth graders will vote to choose their favorite Bluestem book. Stay tuned for the results.

The primary grade lessons will focus on various story genres. Fairy tales, folk tales, and fables will be read. Second graders will hear fairy tale variations from other cultures. Third graders will extend their genre study with a tall tale featuring Paul Bunyan. Fourth graders will take a look at idioms, women's history month, and identifying primary and secondary sources of information. ​

Mark your calendar for our Spring Book Fair coming the second week of April.​


During February, first and second graders will finish hearing the books on the Monarch Award list. They will vote on their favorites in early March. Third and fourth graders have their last chance to read at least four titles from the Bluestem Award list prior to voting on their favorites in March. Third and fourth are also using various text features to find information in nonfiction books. We recently added many new informational titles to our nonfiction section. These books are tied to the new integrated curriculum.


December 2018

This December our third graders will continue studying research concepts. This includes finding appropriate online resources and how to write citations for books and websites. Fourth grade is practicing using nonfiction features to find information. We continue to talk about various genres of books. Fantasy and biography lessons will be presented this month. First and second graders are using the Early Reader and Primary Fiction sections of the library to find books at their individual reading levels. ​


November 2018

As the weather turns colder, nothing is better than snuggling up with your child and sharing a good book. Research proves that parents and children reading together provides a great benefit by helping students develop vocabulary skills and reading fluency. In Illinois, we celebrate great literature with the Monarch Award list and the Bluestem Award list. Each year, 20 picture books are chosen from the thousands of books published. These books become the Monarch Award books. During library time, first and second graders listen to one of the Monarch books. In March, students will vote for their favorite. Fourth and fifth graders will enjoy this year's Bluestem award books. The Bluestem list contains chapter books and informational books which vary in length and difficulty. The list contains brand new books and a few old favorites. When a student reads at least 4 books from the list, he or she is eligible to vote for his or her favorite during the first week in March. You can access this year's list by using the links on the left side of this page. Or go to  Enjoy a great read with your child today!​


Oct. 2018

Hello Marshall Families--We spent our September library time learning how the library is organized. We also introduced "Kind Bombing the Library" to 3rd and 4th graders. The students are hiding kind notes in books. As the notes are found, we hope these words of encouragement will brighten students' days. During October, the older students will have lessons on copyright and plagiarism. They will hear book talks for books on this year's Bluestem Awards list. Younger students enjoy read-alouds each week from books that are on the current Monarch Award list. You can find links to the current Monarch and Bluestem Awards lists at the left of this page. Don't forget the PTO Book Fair during the first week of October during parent teacher conferences.​_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sept. 2018

Greetings Marshall families! We are happy to have your students back in the library! We are spending our September library time learning how the library is organized. 3rd and 4th ​graders are reading call numbers and locating books on the shelves using call numbers. This important skill helps the students find library books on their own. It is a challenge for some to find books at their personal reading levels, but we are working on it. We taught the students our expectations of library behavior and want them to use their library time to the fullest. ​Of course, we are also sharing great books and stories with the students. 


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