Volunteer Information

​Visitors, Volunteers, and​ Guests​

We are pleased to welcome you to Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.

When visiting Thurgood Marshall Elementary School​, please bring your driver's license or State ID.  Our visitor system requires the scanning of your license.

Upon arrival, please go directly to our school office.  Our office staff will assist you with signing in and receiving a visitor badge.  Whether you visit often or only stop by occasionally, we ask that you wear your visitor badge while you are in the building.

Our primary goals are to make sure that while your children are at sc​hool, they are safe and they are learning. 

We appreciate your assistance in meeting these goals by:

  • Always checking IN with office staff
  • Wearing your visitor badge at all times while in the building
  • Only visiting areas/classrooms where you are expected
  • Always checking OUT with office staff

Thank you for your assistance.

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