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Home Access Center: The Home Access Center is an excellent tool that affords parents and students the opportunity to stay up to date on the student's progress as it is posted.  For good communication, it is anticipated that parents and students will stay current on the student's progress by accessing the Home Access Center a mini​mum of once a week. We encourage you to check it together and email teachers if you have any questions.  If you have any difficulty accessing it, please contact the office right away for assistance.

  • It reinforces what is taught in class, it provides verification of understanding to both the student and the teacher, and it prepares students for up​c​oming​​ lessons and assessments.
  • The next day's work is often predicated on the understanding of the prior day's assignment. Homework helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and the organizational skills necessary for success.​
  • Twenty percent of the final grade is an average of all homework grades for the quarter, while eighty percent of the final grade is an average of all of the different types of learning ​assessments (evidence) given in a quarter.


       Mr. Aures       Mrs. Campbell     Mrs. ​Johns      Mrs. Rollins​    Ms. Goings​


​Math   Mr. Aures' site for links  Math Counts website     

Week of: ​April 1 2019   ​  Start of 4th Quarter - Illinois Assessment of Readiness: IAR - PARCC April 9-11!

PRE-ALGEBRA: Khan Ac​ademy​    Study Island  

Weekend: Enjoy 9 day break!! Strive for Five!!!!

Mon: surface area of pyramids, cones, and spheres; Wkst

Tues: Computer Lab: surface area review due by Friday midnight; Homework due; study guide on surface area!!!

Wed: Test: Surface area (formulas allowed); 

Thurs: volume of prisms and cylinders; wkst

Fri: PARCC?IAR review in class - no homework

ALGEBRA:  Math Counts          Khan Academy   


Week of: April 1 2019   ​  Start of 4th Quarter -Illinois Assessment of Readiness: IAR - PARCC April 9-11!

Weekend: Enjoy the break!  Strive for Five!!!!

Mon: Quadratic formula memorization!!!(discriminant) - does  it factor? what kind of answers? how many answers? wkst

Tues: Using the quadratic formula to solve!!! return and discuss quadratic quiz; Pg. 587 (1-6, 16-27)

Wed: day 2 of calculating exact answers (no rounding); wkst

Thurs: day 3: review all quadratics: use best method!!! Pg. 587 (7-10, 15, 28-34, 41, 42 - 48 x 2, 52, 53-56, 59-62)

Fri: PARCC/IAR review in class; no homework!


Week of Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

All assignments and documents will be available in Google Classroom

Please join remind- @cgoings or    email   cgoings@mail.remind.com

Monday: Finish notes for Ch3
​Tuesday: Finish notes for Ch3
                 Study- test on Thurs​
Wednesday: Complete Newton's Laws Review 
                  Test Thursday
Thursday: Read Ch. 4, sec 1 and take Cornell notes
Friday: Simple machine project​


History​ Mrs. Johns' Site for Links  

 Reading Response grades are homework grades which measure students ability to read content, using study guides and questions to guide their reading , and answer questions about their assigned reading.  Scores should continually be improving if students build this very important learning skill this semester.

Evidence will be gathered every Friday ( unless otherwise stated) . The type of assessment will​ vary and students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the work we have done throughout the week.  All homework and classwork will help them prepare for the submission of their  "Evidence". ​

Week of  March 18-22

3rd Quarter Geography - this week - West Indies

For Monday- Geo Check #1 - Countries - know spellings and locations of countries in the West Indies  

 IN-Class Review - 7.2 - THE NORTH / 7.3 - Come with any questions for review 

For Tuesday -Geo Check #2 - Know capitals of the countries in countries in West Indies as well as 3 regions, 4 bodies of water, and 1 landform ( all this was presented on Friday in class) 

  Evidence - 7.2 North and 7.3 

For Wednesday-final 3rd Quarter Geography - West Indies - Students should practice drawing and labeling maps of this region as this is what they will do for the final. They will have to know what island nations /territories we reviewed in class. 

Thursday  - Read 7.4 - to the second checkpoint

Friday - Read 7.4 to the end of section 

There will be no Reading Responses this week.  We will be working on a Document Based Questioning - Andrew Jackson Project in class.   The reading will support this project and help students understand "Jacksonian Democracy".  


English - Mrs. Rollins​

REMEMBER: Any classwork not completed IN​​ CLASS is homework!  
If you need me to print your work, you MUST email it to me before 8:00am the day it is due. You must also tell me in the subject line or comment that you need me to print.  Then, YOU pick it up from the library and PAY for it.

Please see my Google site for the most current writing/homework assignments and resources: 

   Week of March 18
MondayFinish notes on kinds of sentences--simple, compound, complex, compound/complex 

Study for clauses/sentences test Friday
Tuesday ​What's missing in this sentence exercise? 

Flocabulary Complex sentences/ Complex sentence exercise 
 Study for clauses/sentences test Friday 
WednesdayPlicker review of Always, Sometimes, Never questions

Group work:  task cards for misplaced, dangling modifiers 
  Make up any missing Study Island assignments 

Study for clauses/sentence test 
Thursday​Computer Lab A

Missing Study Island assignments due by end of day TODAY

Research paper reflections (if graded). Return research papers (Done Friday if not today) 

Review for test 

Study for clauses/sentence test 

​Friday ​Test over clauses/sentences 

Re-test over phrases if choose to 



Literature Studies   Mrs. Campbell    ​**Rdg tracker due e​very Thurs. worth 20 pts

 WEEK OF March 18th:


-IR, lesson on Conflict, 1st read of Frederick Douglas excerpt

-Independent Reading (IR), finish anything not completed in class


-IR, Conflict quiz, 2nd read activity w/ Frederick Douglas excerpt, Genius Hour overview


​Wednesday-IR, SI- evaluating arguments, 'Deepest Fear' poem annotation/discussion

-IR, reading tracker due each Thursday,

Thursday -IR, s3rd quarter reflection, set 4th quarter reading goals, Genius hour lesson

Friday-IR, work on Genius Hour pitch

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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