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  • It reinforces what is taught in class, it provides verification of understanding to both the student and the teacher, and it prepares students for​​ lessons and assessments.
  • The next day's work is often predicated on the understanding of the prior day's assignment. Homework helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and the organizational skills necessary for success.​
  • Twenty percent of the final grade is an average of all homework grades for the quarter, while eighty percent of the final grade is an average of all of the different types of learning ​assessments (evidence) given in a quarter.


       Mr. Aures       Mrs. Campbell     Mrs. ​Johns      Mrs. Rollins​    Ms. Goings​


​Math   Mr. Aures' site for links  Math Counts website     

Week of: ​May 20,2019   ​  One more week to go! Do NOT let up. The teacher's won't!

PRE-ALGEBRA: Khan Ac​ademy​    Study Island  

Weekend: None. Look up probability you don't know well. We continue outcomes and probability.

Mon: FINISH PROBABILITY (basics) TEST; # outcomes by diagram, list, counting principle Pg. 829 (1-15, 17-19, 21-24)

Tues: Return and DISCUSS TEST- RETAKE IS THURSDAY - NO CORRECTIONS! Factorials and outcomes!!! wkst #1

Wed: permutations and combinations to figure # outcomes; wkst #2 and 3

Thurs: Re-TEST on Probability!!! (Replaces grade if first was < 70%); 

Fri: HW Check Pg. 829 and wkst 1; HW check Monday on wkst #2, 3; compound events 9 dependent or independent events?  wkst #4 - Books turned in any day this week or next Monday!!

ALGEBRA:  Math Counts          Khan Academy    

 Week of: May 20, 2019   ​  One more week to go! Do NOT let up. The teacher's won't!

Weekend: look at rational graphs, skills, equations!!! (x in denominator)

Mon: return test on radicals - test corrections due Tuesday!; Graphing rational functions (on TI84+ in class); excluded values and asymptotes, wkst 11.1
Tues: asymptotes and limits: parent rational function y = [a/(x+b)]  + c for transformations Pg. 687(12-20 x 2, 21, 22-32 x 2, 35, 36, 42-50 x 2)

Wed: simplify rational expressions (like fractions) w/excluded values wkst #1

Thurs: HW Check on graphing and transformations wkst 11.1 and Pg. 687; x and / rational expressions (just like fractions - multiply by reciprocal) Pg. 701(12-20 x 2, 21, 22-36 x 2, 40-50 x 2, 60-63) 

Fri: add/subtract rational expressions (just like fractions :LCD to = fractions) wkst #2; TURN IN BOOKS Today or MONDAY!


Week of April 18, 2019

All assignments and documents will be available in Google Classroom

Please join remind- @cgoings or    email   cgoings@mail.remind.com

Monday 5/6: Finish Questions from eBook- Physics First Ch. 19.
Tuesday 5/7: Work on Questions from eBook- Physics First Ch. 20
              Pg 450- Vocab 1-12, Review 1,2,3,6,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Wednesday 5/8: Project Work day- 2nd draft due Thursday 5/9- Work on Questions from eBook- Physics First Ch. 20  Pg. 450- Vocab 1-12, Review 1,2,3,6,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Thursday 5/9: MAP -Work on Questions from eBook- Physics First Ch. 20
              Pg. 450- Vocab 1-12, Review 1,2,3,6,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Friday 5/10: MAP -Work on Questions from eBook- Physics First Ch. 20
              Pg. 450- Vocab 1-12, Review 1,2,3,6,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Monday 5/13: Finish Lab, Work on Energy Project- Final written portion                                  due 5/16 (Thursday)
​Tuesday 5/14: Work on Project,  Read Physics First Ch. 24- Take notes
Wednesday 5/15: Work on Project- Final Written due Tomorrow(should be 2-3 pages, spell checked and edited by a peer)
Thursday 5/16: Finish Lab
Friday 5/17: Work on Energy Project- Final Project due 5/21

History​ Mrs. Johns' Site for Links  

May 13-17 

 Reading Response grades are homework grades which measure students ability to read content, using study guides and questions to guide their reading , and answer questions about their assigned reading.  Scores should continually be improving if students build this very important learning skill this semester.

Monday - no Homework

Tuesday - No Homework

Wednesday - No Homework

Thursday - 11.1 - Construct 5 Study Sets ( Worksheet handed out and 1 completed in class) Free choice of reading segments from 11.1

Friday - Featured Civil War Battles - keypoints and summaries (5)

Please see my Google site for the most current writing/homework assignments and resources: 

   Week of April 8--IAR testing, no homework, shortened classes 

Week of April 22 updated


Tuesday ​Finish round one poetry tournament
  Study for Unit 16 vocab and poetry terms, continue working on notes for Civil War presentations 
WednesdayAdjective flowers

Quiz over vocabulary 

   Study for poetry terms, continue
   working on notes for Civil War


Thursday​Poetry terms Quiz

Round 2 poetry tournament
 Notes for Civil War presentation 


 Work on presentations for Civil War research 


Literature Studies   Mrs. Campbell    ​**Rdg tracker due e​very Thurs. worth 20 pts

 WEEK OF May 20th:

Monday-IR, watch Civil War movie w/ T chart, listen to Full Cicada Moon by Hilton

-Independent Reading (IR), 3 questions @ book club book


-IR, meet w/ bookclub group, plan book snap, listen to Full Cicada Moon by Hilton


​Wednesday         -IR, finalize presentation for Genius Hour project and reflection letter, listen to Full Cicada Moon by Hilton

-IR, reading tracker due each Thursday, GENIUS HOUR PROJECT due in Google Classroom by May 24, presentations start May 28

Thursday             -IR, listen to Full Cicada Moon by Hilton, create book snap @ favorite book
-IR, submit Genius Hour project and reflection letter to Google Classroom

Friday-IR, listen to Full Cicada Moon by Hilton, book snap rotation to create summer read list -IR, 

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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