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  • It reinforces what is taught in class, it provides verification of understanding to both the student and the teacher, and it prepares students for​​ lessons and assessments.
  • The next day's work is often predicated on the understanding of the prior day's assignment. Homework helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and the organizational skills necessary for success.​
  • Twenty percent of the final grade is an average of all homework grades for the quarter, while eighty percent of the final grade is an average of all of the different types of learning ​assessments (evidence) given in a quarter.


         Mrs. Campbell     Mrs. ​Johns      Mrs. Rollins​    Ms. Goings​     Mr. Aures (go to school website)


​Math   Mr. Aures' site for links  Math Counts website     

Week of: ​Jan.13-17     Quarter ends this Friday, January 17th!!!!!

PRE-ALGEBRA: Khan Ac​ademy​    All homework is due the next day!

Weekend: Test Corrections (Hours 2 and 6); Khan Academy due Thursday (It is a Quiz grade)

Mon: Hours 2/6 finish scatterplots on Graphing Calc. in class; MAP Goals, regulations, seating, PUMP IT UP!!!

           Hour 5: return/discuss Ch. 5 test - corrections due Tuesday!; MAP Goals, regulations, seating, PUMP IT UP!!!

Tues: MAP Math Day 1 (53 questions in 2 full class periods)e

Wed: MAP day 2 - Plan on being complete with MAP MATH - Finish Khan due Thursday morning!!!

Thurs: Mustang time: complete MAP or Khan; exponent basics: pretest and HW wkst; 2nd hour - play performance; 5th hour - 2 exponent assignments; 6th hour exponent basics assigned

Fri: 5th hour play - play performance; complete Thursday work for homework; 2nd hour - 2 days of exponents - 2 HW assignments; 6th hour complete the 2nd day of exponents wkst

ALGEBRA:  Math Counts          Khan Academy    All homework is due the next day!

 Week of: Jan. 13-17               Quarter ends this Friday, January 17th!!!!!

Weekend: Khan due Thursday

Monday: MAP rules/regulations/encouragement - in class MathCounts competition for school team 
Tues: MAP Math day 1 - 2 periods to finish 53 problems!
Wed: MAP Math day - complete test (hopefully) - complete Khan to your satisfaction - due Thursday morning!

Thurs: Mustang time: complete MAP or Khan; Exponents: the Basics and special cases with exponents of zero, one, power of ten, and different bases wksts

Fri: wkst on all multiplication properties of exponents (product, power of power, power of a product)

Science see Google Classroom!

Week of 

All assignments and documents will be available in Google Classroom

Please join remind- @cgoings1, 2, 4, 6, or 7 based on student class hour or    email   cgoings(1, 2, 4, 6, 7)@mail.remind.com 

History​ Mrs. Johns' Site for Links  

 Reading Response grades are homework grades which measure students ability to read content, using study guides and questions to guide their reading , and answer questions about their assigned reading.  Scores should continually be improving if students build this very important learning skill this semester.'

Study Plan for the week of January 13-17

For Monday - Extra Credit due - candidate political platforms

For Tuesday  -Study Canada Physical Geography

For Wednesday -Geo Check - Physical Geography - Study Article 2 notes

For Thursday   Canada Physical Geography Final

For Friday - Study Article 2 /Election Tri-Fold notes - Evidence gathered every Friday on the week's work 

Please see my Google site for the most current writing/homework assignments and resources: 

Week of:  

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Tuesday ​




​Friday ​


Literature Studies   Mrs. Campbell    ​**Rdg tracker due e​very Thurs. worth 20 pts

​Week of  see Google Classroom for current assignments



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