Supply List

School Supply List


Mrs. Liddell

Book Bag


Supply of #2 pencils

Supply of colored pencils (3 boxes of 12 -one box that includes pink! This will get your child

                                           through the year with the colored pencils he/she needs)

Pencil sharpener (enclosed to catch the shavings)

5 spiral notebooks (single subject, 70 page) (If you can find notebooks with NO spiral, that

                                would be helpful as the metal often gets snagged and starts to pull out!)

4 Composition books (100 sheets each)

Glue Sticks (We use these all year so stock up when they are on sale!)

6 - 2 pocket folders

Student sized scissors


Pencil box or pouch (to fit 2-3 pencils, colored pencils, calculator, eraser)

1 large box of facial tissue

1 package of loose leaf notebook paper

1 black permanent marker

1 large pink eraser

Indoor shoes (gym shoes, slippers, etc. Students DO sit on the floor so wet or muddy shoes are

                       not allowed in the classroom!)

1" 3-ring notebook

Display board (large, cardboard, tri-fold)  (This can stay at home until we need it for projects!)



Washable Markers

Student size scissors


Box/bag to hold your art supplies

Elmer's School Glue


Optional for classroom use:                                                 Optional for Library use:

Hand sanitizer                                                                         2 gallon zip close baggies

Zip close baggies (sandwich, quart, gallon size)                   

1 ream of printer paper

1 package of graph paper

Sticky notes

1 package of note cards

Disinfecting wipes

Thumb/Flash Drive

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