This is a homework assignment for new students.

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. 

Your child will look up each word in the dictionary and copy the definition.  If the word has more than one definition, unless told otherwise by me, the first one can be copied (this is the definition for the word’s most common use).  After the definitions are found, an original sentence must be written using the homophone, making sure that the meaning of the sentence matches the definition copied.  Be sure the sentence is original, not copied from the dictionary.  There is a completed homophone assignment in their folder for reference.  All of this work is done in cursive! 

The homophone work is assigned on Mondays each week (or the first day of the week) and is due on Thursday of the week (or Friday in a four-day week).  No homophone list will be given during weeks shorter than 4 days.  Your child will be tested on the use of these words on Thursday.  The format of the test is sentence completion where the homophones are missing from the sentence.  Your child's job will be to put the correct homophone in the blank.  After every third list your child will be given a review test on all of the words on the previous three lists.   The review test will have sentence completion, multiple choice, student created sentences & identification of correct usage.  It is important to keep all of the lists in their homophone folder so students have their definitions & sentences from which to study.

List D(due  (10/9/14)                     List E (due FRIDAY10/17/14 )        List F (due 10/23/14 )        
break, brake                                       cheap, cheep                                      coarse, course

bread, bred                                         chews, choose                                    creak, creek

buy, by, bye-bye                                 chord, cord                                         doe, dough

cell, sell                                                sight, site                                            would, wood

cent, scent, sent                                  close, clothes                                       earn, urn


Review Test DEF on 10/3/14                        


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