Special Program Schools

​​Rockford Public Schools has ​special ​program schools, including the Gifted Academy at Auburn High School, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, and Thurgood Marshall School. Students in grades 6-12 who are interested in a more in-depth arts experience can audition for the Creative and Performing Arts Program (CAPA) at West Middle School and Auburn High School. Children in the Maria Montessori program are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education through the Montessori model. Kindergarten through 8th graders in the Two-Way Language Immersion program at Barbour learn to read, write, listen and speak in Spanish and English. The STEAM Academy at Haskell is a K-5 special program that integrates science and technology, interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based in mathematical elements.

       West CAPA Theatre performance

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