​​In this class, homework is defined as work specifically assigned to be done at home. It may not be worked on in class. The exception to this is if a student needs assistance with a homework assignment.

I do not assign a great deal of homework. However, there will not always be time in class to complete all assignments on the work plan, so students will need to manage that work load and bring assignments home to work on, as necessary. Every evening, students are required to read and write in their writing journals.

Seminars are always given as homework. These are short pieces the students must read and annotate. In addition, each student must write three questions regarding the piece to be used during the in-class Socratic circle discussion of the seminar. The annotations and questions should reflect a deeper thinking about the piece. For example, the students should consider what the author is trying to tell us, make personal connections to the piece, and consider what they can learn from the piece. The questions must be ones which generate discussion, rather than ones that have simple yes or no answers or ones that have answers that can be found explicitly in the text. Questions such as, "Who was the main character?" or "Did you enjoy this piece?" are not considered good discussion questions. 

As with any other assignment, if you have questions or concerns regarding homework, please feel free to call, text, or e-mail me.

Daily Homework (this typically does not change):

Daily Reading and Writing Journal Homework.pdf

Homework due September 10, by 7:45 am:

Seminar Piece - Under the Bridge.pdf

Homework due September 20, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive Writing.pdf

Homework due September 24, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - The Sneetches.pdf

Homework due September 27, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive Writing.pdf

Homework due October 4, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive Writing.pdf

Homework due October 9, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - Dear Bully.pdf (8th grade only)

Homework due October 22, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - The Tell Tale Heart.pdf

Homework due November 5, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - Pretty, Hurts.pdf

Homework due November 30, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive.pdf

Homework due December 3, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - The Little Match Girl.pdf

Seminar - Late Work Assignment.pdf (this is for those students who did not complete their seminar and turn it in on time)

Seminar - Questions for The Little Match Girl.pdf (these questions are part of the late work assignment for seminar)

Homework due January 15, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - The Lottery.pdf

Homework due January 28, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - Noodle Soup for Nincompoops.pdf

Homework due February 14, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive Pages 21 -22.pdf

Homework due February 28, by 7:45 am:

7th Grade Cursive Writing Pages 23 - 24.pdf

Homework due March 4, by 7:45 am:

Seminar - The Ingredients.pdf

Homework due March 18, by 7:45 am:



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