Trimester 1 Assignments and Work Plans

This page is designed to allow parents and students access to the work plans and accompanying assignments for class.

Work plans are typically given every two weeks, but there may be exceptions throughout the year, depending on how the trimesters fall. When given a new work plan, students will be able to see what will be expected of them for the following two weeks, but they may not be able to work ahead as assignments are given after lessons have been delivered. Work plans are typically given every other Friday, with work due on the following two ​Thursdays, unless otherwise noted on the work plan. If a student completes an assignment earlier than the due date, he or she is encouraged to turn it in as soon as it is completed. This prevents completed assignments from getting lost as well as allowing time for me to look it over and conference with the student, if necessary. It will also allow the student to improve the assignment if it was not his or her best work and/or for me to review lessons that may not have been clear enough to be understood.

Assignments that are not turned in by the due date listed on the work plan are considered late and are subject to late work penalties. Exceptions to this would be made by me on a case to case basis, only after the student has approached me with concerns about being able to complete an assignment. If the student has not initiated a conversation with me about an assignment being late before the due date, no exceptions will be made. It is the student's responsibility to begin that dialogue.

Please note that many of the assignments will have levels on them. The purpose of this is to allow the students to choose to complete the assignment at a level at which they feel is best for them. However, they are also encouraged to challenge themselves and choose a level which will allow them to improve. If I feel a student has chosen a level which is not enough of a challenge for him or her, that student may be told to re-do the assignment at a higher level.

If you have any questions or concerns about these work plans or assignments, please feel free to contact me by calling, texting, or e-mailing.


Weekly Assignments (these typically do not change from week to week):




























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