Computer Applications

​​​​​​Recess of Code​​​​

  1. Express Course from​
  2. Hour of Code​ (Games)
  3. Scratch​ (Projects)
  4. Khan Academy​ (Projects)
  5. Tynker  (Games)
  6. Gamestar Mechanic - Login  ​ or Sign-up​ (Games)
  7. ​​Codecademy​  (Projects)
  8. ​​Codecombat​ (Games)
  9. App Inventor .org (Projects)
  10. ​App Inventor​ MIT (Projects)
  11. X-Ray Goggles by Mozilla​ (Projects)
  12. ​​​Code Monkey​  (Games)
  13. Thimble by Mozilla  (Projects)
  14. Made with Code​ (Projects)

Typing Skills

Student typing at computer
  1. Typing the alphabet at Finger Frenzy

  2. Typing skills at Keyboard Cli​mber

  3. Typing skills at Typing Adventure 1

  4. Typing skills at Typing Advent​ure 2

  5. Typing skills at Dance Mat Typ​ing

  6. Typing skills at E-learning for K​ids

  7. Typing skills at Fast T​yper 2

  8. Typing skills with Arachnid Falls

  9. Number pad skills with Numpad Kennys​

  10. Typing skills at Typing De​fense

  11. Typing skills at Keyboard Mayhem​

  12. Typing skills at Typing Tidepool​

  13. Typing skills at Typing Chef​

  14. Typing skills with Moon Type 2

  15. Typing with Cup Stacking

  16. Typing letters with Ninja Cat

  17. Typing sentences with Race Sense​

  18. Typing a paragraph with Typing Speed Test

  19. Typing words and numbers at The Typing of the Ghosts

  20. Typing paragraphs with Typing Monster

  21. Typing phrases at Kayak

  22. Typing Spanish words at Typing Matador

  23. Typing Spanish words at Spanish Typing Band

  24. Typing Spanish phrases with Spanish Olympia

  25. Typing Spanish words at Escaleras

  26. Typing with Spanish keyboard at Balloon Game

  27. Typing Spanish words with Camaleón​

  28. Typing with Spanish keyboard at Meteorito

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