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  1. Converting repeating decimals to fractions 8.NS.A.1​​

  2. Converting multi-digit repeating decimals to fractions 8.NS.A.1​

  3. Classify numbers - rational & irrational 8.NS.A.1​​

  4. Approximating square roots​ 8.NS.​​A.2​

  5. Comparing irrational numbers​ 8.NS.A.2​​​​

  6. Exponents with integer bases​

  7. Exponents with negative fractional bases

  8. Signs of expressions challenge​

  9. Multiply powers​

  10. Scientific notation​ (connect to the RPS205 network)
  11. Adding & subtracting in scientific notation​ (connect to the RPS205 network)
  12. Combining like terms with negative coefficients & distribution
  13. Solving proportions​ (connect to the RPS205 network)
  14. Number of solutions to equations​
  15. Number of solutions to equations challenge​​
  16. Intercepts from a graph (watch 2 videos: x-intercept & y-intercept​)
  17. Pythagorean theorem proof​ 

  1. ​​Quia Square Roots​​
  2. Mathopolis Square Roots​
  1. Translations, reflections, rotations with RoboPacker
  2. Reflections and translations with Transtar
  3. Translations, Rotations and Reflections with BBC Bitesize
  4. Translations, rotations and reflections with Key Lock
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