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RPS 205 Preps FY16 Budget, Announces Staff Realignment


​Administrators are building the FY16 budget, which begins July 1. Reductions were already enacted in FY15 to ensure the district will end the year in June with a balanced budget. The goal is to start the 2015-16 school year with a more efficient, more effective staffing structure. That includes a staff realignment, which will affect 102.55 positio​ns in the district:

  • 46.55 from administrative offices (45% of the total affected positions)
  • 31 from elementary schools (30% of the total affected positions)
  • 25 from secondary schools (24% of the total affected positions)

The changes reflect $7.4 million​ in budget reductions. “Unfortunately, the schools are not immune to hard times,” said Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. “We have dedicated, hard-working people whose contributions are appreciated. But we must live within our means. As I promised last September, we are getting leaner in the district office. In our schools, we have made cuts we believe will have the least impact on students. It’s still difficult.”

The FY16 budget is being built based on the following information:

  • flat local and state revenue
  • a 5% cut to CPPRT, or Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax
  • a $5 million increase in health care costs for RPS 205 employees
  • salary increases (2%) for collective bargaining groups promised in previous contract negotiations

All affected personnel have been made aware of the changes, which are effective July 1. Many staff members affected by the realignment will continue working for RPS 205 in other capacities and replace retiring staff or vacant positions for the 2015-16 school year. All staff in a collective bargaining unit will follow union bargaining agreement regarding surplus and/or staff reductions.

The district’s Operations Committee will review a preliminary budget draft at its next meeting: 5:30 p.m.​ April 21 in the third-floor Board Room of the Administration Building, 501 7th St.