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RPS 205 Announces Subdistrict G School Board Vacancy


​Rockford School Board member Jaime Escobedo submitted his resignation from the board effective Wednesday, May 29. Escobedo shared his letter with the School Board and administration on Thursday, May 9:

"After just over 3.5 years as a member of the Board, due to personal matters, my family and I have decided to relocate out of Rockford, and this will make me ineligible to serve as a board member of Subdistrict G. I would like to thank the whole Board of Education for the dedication and commitment to educational improvement. My sincere appreciation goes out to the community, board of education and the schools for allowing me to serve and be part of such a great team."

School Board policy states that once a board member resigns, the board has 45 days to publicize the vacancy, interview applicants in closed session and vote in open session to fill the vacancy. That time frame will begin once the seat is vacant on May 29. 

The replacement candidate's term will run through the next School Board election in April 2021. Escobedo has represented Subdistrict G since he was appointed in September 2015 and subsequently elected in April 2017. 

The application deadline is June 7. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for a special meeting June 26, and an appointment could be made at the July 9 School Board meeting. 

If the board does not find a candidate, Regional Superintendent Lori Fanello has another 30 days to find a replacement. 

Applicants must also be at least 18 years old, reside in Subdistrict G and be a registered voter. Applicants must also be a resident of the State of Illinois and Rockford Public Schools for one year immediately preceding the date of appointment. To apply or for more information please contact Laura Fromm, Coordinator to the Board of Education: 815-489-7318 or [email protected].