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Letter to parents: meningococcal vaccination


​A letter was distributed this week to principals and nurses to deliver to students and their parents/guardians. The letter (es​pañol​) is an early reminder for families to schedule immunizations and health screenings for the 2015-16 school year -- specifically for incoming 6th and 12th graders:​​

Dear parent/guardian,

This is a reminder that it’s not too early to schedule immunizations and health screenings for your child for the 2015-16 school year. Incoming 6th and 12th graders must show proof of meningococcal vaccination before August 24, 2015, the first day of school. Students will not be allowed to attend school until these screenings are complete. Appointment cards will not be accepted as a pass into school.

Sixth graders must have proof of one dose. The first dose must be administered on or after their 11th birthday.

High school seniors (12th graders) must have proof of two doses. One of those doses must be on or after their 16th birthday.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the meningococcal vaccination will prevent your child from a severe form of bacterial meningitis, as well as other illnesses caused by this bacterium.

Some children may have already received this vaccine. In this case, parents/guardians should provide the school verification of 
receiving the meningococcal conjugate vaccination. Documentation accepted as complying with the requirement for students entering 6th and 12th grades includes the following information:

  • A letter or note signed by your child’s health care provider identifying the date the MCV was administered.
  • A print out from your provider’s electronic medical record (EMR) that indicates the vaccine was administered.
  • Current Certificate of Child Health Examination form, specifying the date the MCV was administered.

Objections: A child’s parent or legal guardian who objects to health or dental examinations or immunizations must submit a letter to the school’s nurse to request an exemption to the law. If you have any questions, please call the Rockford Public Schools Health Services Office at 815-966-5254.


Mary Fisher, RN
Health Services Supervisor

Make an appointment:

Required health immunizations may be obtained at the doctor’s office or clinic of your choice, including:

  • your child’s primary care physician
  • The Winnebago County Health Department: 815-720-4000
  • Ronald McDonald Care Mobile: 815-971-5800, ext. 5
  • Crusader Community Health Auburn Campus, the school-based health center at Auburn High School: 815-490-1600