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Share your thoughts on Let's Talk!


​​​​​Rockford Public Schools this week launched a web-based tool called Let’s Talk!” that will survey the public with the goal of increasing customer service.

The aim of “Let’s Talk!” is to give parents, staff and the community access to employees in the Administration Building. Users submit questions, comments, suggestions and concerns, and they’re routed to the proper interest area (like Operations, Nutrition Services or Athletics, for example). Adm​inistrators hope to respond to inquiries within a day or two. If a response takes longer, the delay will be explained to the user.

After each comment or question is addressed, users will be asked to complete a survey about their experience – how the process went and if their question was answered. Then they can rate the response. That feedback, plus the time it takes to close the loop on a response, will be tracked in a dashboard to quantify key performance metrics and what types of information people want from RPS.

“Our goal is to help RPS 205 better serve parents, staff and the community,” said Earl Dotson Jr., Chief of Communications and Community Engagement. “With our goals for the Administration Building staff – quality, efficiency and customer service – this tool should help boost our customer service and show the public we’re listening and responding to them.”

During the next few months, administrators will work with the schools to increase understanding of “Let’s​ Talk!” Staff will be surveyed later in the school year to gauge performance in customer service.

Here is a link to “Let’s Talk!​”. The site is also mobile-friendly.