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School Board Considers Construction Timeline


​​The Rockford School Board is considering a timeline for construction, school additions and renovations outlined in the updated 10-year facilities plan. The timeline draft was shared last week with elementary school principals, and principals will share that timeline with their staff and with parents via school newsletters. The board will vote on the timeline Nov. 12.

"We've already seen major improvements with additions and renovations at several of our buildings. Some are still underway today," said Chief Operations Officer Todd Schmidt. "I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of our schools improved under this 10-year plan and for more work to begin so our students and staff can benefit from improved, updated buildings."

The timeline organizes details the School Board approved in August under the updated 10-year, $250 million facilities plan. The plan includes building two new schools and 13 additions, and closing eight schools. It was developed based on an in-depth analysis and community input to improve the RPS 205 elementary school footprint. New school construction is contingent on a Nov. 4 referendum that will ask voters to allow RPS 205 to spend existing money set aside for construction on new schools.

The timeline ensures that all students and staff will move to an improved learning and teaching environment. ​Click here to see the timeline released last week to principals.

Some important details about the timeline:

  • All schools will remain open for the 2015-16 academic year. Building closures will begin the following academic year.
  • Students and staff will not move during the school year. All moves or changes will happen during the summer break. The first move because of building closures will happen in summer 2016. The facilities plan – including school closures and staff/student moves – will not disrupt the learning environment.
  • When possible, staff will move into buildings with the students they're working with now. The Administration is working with the Rockford Education Association to ensure staff and students will stay together.