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Meet Your Child's Bus Driver!


​​RPS 205 bus drivers will do a practice run next week, and it's a great chance to meet your bus driver and practice, too!

On Tuesday and Wedne​sday next week (Au​g. 19 and 20), bus drivers will drive their bus routes at the times they're scheduled to run when school starts the following week. Post cards with bus route information (including bus pick up and drop off times) were mailed to parents the first week of August. 

Come meet your child's bus driver: Parents are encouraged to take their children to their bus stop at the scheduled time to understand which direction the bus will come. Work with your children to look for clues around the bus stop so children get off the bus at the correct stop – like a specific color house, fire station or other landmark. It's also good to prac​tice the route to walk home from the bus stop corner. 

If students have to cross the street from their bus stop to their home, bus drivers are instructed to wave students across the street to ensure that traffic has cleared the intersection. Children should wait to cross the street until the driver signals that it's safe to cross. Please work with your child on safety tips when waiting for the bus, like what to do if they encounter a stranger. 

​Come to the Student Assignment Center, 2000 Christina St. 11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19 if your child is a first-time bus rider – or if you want a refresher course. You can ride an RPS bus and take a tour with RPS drivers. You can also talk with Student Assignment Center staff. Call 815-967-8070 for more information.