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Bandwagon 2 meets $300,000 fundraising goal


​​​​Rockford Public Schools and the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois are excited to thank the community for its support for middle school band programs. The Community Foundation and RPS 205 have worked together since October 2013 to establish an endowment fund, called Bandwagon 2, to pay for middle school music programs in perpetuity. The Bandwagon 2 endowment is similar to Bandwagon, the original fund established in 1998 to support RPS 205 high school marching bands. Money has been used to repair instruments, order sheet music and purchase new uniforms.

The goal for Bandwagon 2 was $300,000. RPS 205 and the Community Foundation have each committed $100,000 to the cause. Fundraising and donations accounted for the final $100,000. Officials just learned they reached that goal. They announced the accomplishment at a news conference this morning at Lincoln Middle School.

“I’m thrilled that the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and Rockford Public Schools have met our shared $300,000 goal for BandWagon 2,” said Gloria Lundin, Vice President of Development for the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois. “Together, our partnership has built an endowment that will give our students exceptional middle school music programs for generations to come, just as BandWagon 1 has done for the high school music programs in our community. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our donors, who contributed $100,000 to BandWagon 2 over the past two years.”

Bandwagon 2 will provide annual payments to the eight middle schools in RPS 205. 

The Rockford School Board will formally recognize Bandwagon 2 and the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois at its Oct. 27 meeting.​