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 West View Elementary Celebrates Family STEM Night

4/18/2019 8:00 AM

West View Elementary School recently hosted its second Family STEM night. The annual event included a science fair, Discovery Center family outreach program and, new this year, an interactive LEGOLAND. The Discovery Center provided a program called "Whoosh" that included 10 hands-on science centers that teach the various properties of air. 

Students were invited to submit a science fair project of their choice. They were interviewed and awarded a first or second place ribbon. 

The new LEGOLAND was created to showcase the various LEGO activities and programs that West View is bringing into the classroom. This included a STEAM park activity in which students built a car, tested their car on various ramps and recorded their data. There were several LEGO challenge tables with simple bricks. WeDo 2.0 was also on display to engage students in building robot models with an intro to block coding. Finally, we featured math Pentominoes for students to solve math puzzles. 

More than 200 students and community members showed up for this amazing event. My goal as a teacher at West View has always been to share learning and science education in a hands-on, playful approach. I strive to show students their future by exploring various topics and showing them the real-life career connection. Watching students light up and engage in fun, hands-on learning makes my teacher heart so happy. Enjoy a video highlighting STEM night at the top of the blog post.

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