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 West Side Book Battle

5/9/2019 12:00 AM

West View Elementary School teamed up with Conklin and Welsh elementary schools for the first-ever West Side Book Battle. 

The reading competition challenged students to see which school could accumulate the most at-home reading minutes logged by students in March. The school with the most minutes averaged per student got to throw a pie in their principal's face. 

Final Results: 
-Welsh - 21,498 minutes for an average of 52 minutes per student.
-Conklin - 26,115 minutes for an average of 76 minutes per student. 
-West View - 55,333 minutes for an average of 108 minutes per student. 

West View doubled the numbers of the other schools, so Mr. O'Brien, our assistant principal, said let's double the fun. He agreed to take a pie to the face with West View principal Mr. Sayre.

We awarded the top reader from each grade the ability to throw a pie in each principal's face for a total of three pies for each principal. 

Thank you Mr. Sayre and Mr. O'Brien for being such great sports. Thank you to all the readers who worked so hard to help West View win. And thank you Welsh and Conklin for such a fun competition! 

Enjoy a video highlighting the West Side Book Battle at the top of the blog post.

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