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 Virtual Field Day at Gregory “Best Day of Quarantine!”

5/19/2020 12:00 AM

​Like most schools, the staff and students at Gregory Elementary School look forward to celebrating the end of the year with Field Day. Our normal activities and plans were canceled, however, because of the extended school shutdown.

Thanks to Mrs. Leider and Ms. Cacciatore, I was able to host a Virtual Field Day for the students at Gregory on May 8 – which was also National Field Day!

Virtual Field Day was successful because, like always, the staff and PTO at Gregory came together to help make sure all students knew about it. We sent communications out through various methods that included the details for the event.

I kicked off the event by calling my friend, Dr. Jen Welter – the first female to coach in the NFL – and asked her give a pregame speech and share words of encouragement.

I adapted my equipment list to items students could find at home: paper balls or clean socks that are made into a ball, clothes basket, shirts or towels, paper airplanes, and more. The students had a choice of logging into a private Zoom or watching via Facebook Live through the PTO's closed Facebook Group to participate in 10 events. Overall, I know it was a success because of a compliment I received from Grace in second grade: "Virtual Field Day made this the best day of quarantine!"

Again, I want to give a huge shout out to the whole Gregory Elementary staff! They helped me invite students by relaying my message on different platforms, staff showed up on time and participated along with the students or helped cheer them on.

I love teaching because we get the opportunity to help students accomplish what they thought was impossible. We are empowering the future of this city by laying a strong foundation one student at a time.

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