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 Tunes in the Garden: Volunteer Celebration!

5/29/2019 12:00 PM

​One of the greatest things about being a parent volunteer at RPS 205 is seeing our community and students come together to celebrate achievements! 

RPS 205 recently held a volunteer celebration at Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden. It was a very nice event which was well attended by parents, teachers, community members, RPS 205 administrators and several groups of students! Throughout the evening as attendees mingled, many commented on how nice it was to have students involved in the reception! We loved seeing the students show us their talents, skills and appreciation for the volunteers. There were smiles all around. 

The RPS 205 Mariachi band, led by West teacher George Espino, played for the crowd. Then the band played a happy birthday song to Rockford School Board president Ken Scrivano! Up next was the West Middle School orchestra and the West advanced choir. They sounded amazing! The Jefferson High School Culinary students, overseen by Charles Kluzak, baked and served us delicious desserts.

I’ve worked with some music students at previous RPS 205 Fine Arts events. It was so nice to see familiar faces. I very much enjoy volunteering in the school district. I am fortunate to work with a truly amazing group of educators, parents and community members who want to make things better for our community and our children by way of music and the arts. I couldn’t be prouder. Being involved really means a lot to me and our family.

We know from research that students develop 21st Century Skills through the Arts:
-Critical thinking
-Social/emotional concepts 
-Presentation and performance skills

As a community member and a parent, there are lots of things we can spend our extra time doing. Knowing that the time and effort you put in as a volunteer can help students gain these skills, confidence, experiences and have some fun, is a great benefit to volunteering. Seeing it in action is even better! Thank you RPS 205 for this wonderful celebration of volunteers and students. 

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