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 The Vibe on RPS 205

11/26/2019 12:00 PM

​Auburn High School has been a welcoming place of acceptance where all students matter. It is easy to forget that teachers and administrators became educators because they love students and families. At Auburn, I know that my child is loved and cared for daily. Teachers recognize that student growth includes more than just test scores, and they make themselves available for students to have safe adults in their lives to help work through the challenges of life.

The vibe
On RPS 205.
Like the bass on the street
Or an all caps tweet.
Some love it, some hate it,
Some have opinions split.
But we're not afraid to shout out how we feel:
RPS 205 cares, and that's the real deal!
K-8 in private school.
Some said to leave we were a fool.
But RPS felt like home,
So from private school we did roam.
To the Castle is where we went.
No regrets! Not one percent.
Auburn Knight pride!
We've got nothing to hide!
RPS 205 poster child.
Our wardrobe's been red and black restyled.
How did RPS earn this vibe?
It definitely was not a bribe.
Love, care and respect
Is what the schools strive to project.
We have good days and bad days,
And days we feel in a haze.
There's always a teacher, administrator, somebody
Who can sense when our spirits aren't so bubbly.
The schools are big; they're full; they're crowded.
But attention to individuals goes undoubted.
Each student and adult has their own stories,
And the district's working to create safe territories.
We know every day at RPS someone's going to help us to thrive.
And that's our vibe on RPS 205.

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