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 The Big Three: Fitness, Movement and Team Building

11/15/2019 12:00 PM

​I had the honor of presenting to all elementary physical education teachers during Teacher Institute Day in August. I shared what the elementary physical education team worked hard to create the last two years: building a new physical education curriculum. I was very fortunate to work alongside an amazing team of fellow teachers to create the new curriculum:

-Anthony Stone
-Jeff Lindquist
-Josh Marolf
-Joy Pyfer
-Patricia McGinley
-Ron Proffitt

The institute day started with a demonstration on how to maneuver around the new elementary P.E. staff website and explaining how we broke everything down in the new curriculum.

The new elementary P.E. website for employees has:
-Website resources for teachers
-A resource to buy equipment
-A thorough breakdown for each grade level K-5 with the following:
    -Lesson organizer
    -Assessment & pacing guide
    -Learning targets checklist
    -“I can” statements
    -Activities/games that go with each “I can” statement and the Big Three

In the afternoon, the elementary physical education teachers paired up and created an activity/game using the new lesson plan organizer. Each group presented the activity/game to their peers, and we recorded it so the teachers could see it. They are helping add to the curriculum game library that the team already started to create. It was a very eventful day of learning and collaboration. I can’t wait to see what happens next with the new elementary physical education curriculum. This is just a glimpse at how RPS 205 teachers work together to create a better future for our students.

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