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 Thank You, Fairview. Love, Evelyn’s Dad.

5/14/2019 12:00 AM

​Two years ago my daughter started school at Fairview Early Childhood Center. My baby girl had somehow transformed into an articulate, independent and curious human. My wife and I knew it was the perfect time to start half days at Fairview, but our brains could not convince our hearts. 

She cried (we cried) the first day at drop off, but no tears have been shed since (except my wife’s upon reading this). I know this will change soon, but this time on her last day leaving Fairview. 

My daughter’s experience at Fairview has been nothing short of perfect. She has made great friends, learned stuff, had a blast and attended multiple dance parties. Her teachers, Ms. Kalli and Ms. Lori, have been amazing. They are kind. They are patient. They are everything a parent dreams their child’s teacher can be. 

We will miss them, but we will always remember how important they were in my daughter’s young life. 

Walt Whitman talked of a “barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world,” and I suppose this is mine about Fairview. A quiet thank you note slipped into a cubby hole would have been acceptable, but this is the public articulation of my full-throated love for a building, for a staff, for an administration that has taken care of my baby for two years. 

I now ask, politely, when you see me sobbing in the parking lot at Carlson Elementary School in September, please give me a hug. 

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