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 Superintendent's Student Advisory Council Kicks Off Another School Year

9/16/2020 12:00 AM

​I am excited to kick off another year of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (SSAC). Nearly 40 students applied for nine open seats on the SSAC. Students are required to complete an application, provide a recommendation letter and go through an interview process. I'm always impressed with each student we interview, and it is always difficult to make the final selection. At the end of this process, 14 students are ready to work together and represent our high school student population. 

The following students are on the 2020-21 Superintendent's Student Advisory Council:

-Puranjay Gupta, Auburn junior

-Isabella Hernandez, Auburn junior

-Tyrone Williams, Auburn junior

-Juwayria Zahurullah, Auburn junior

-Ben Bathje, East junior

-Taylor Thompson, East senior

-Mckenzie Wallace, East junior

-Mohammed Aljobiri, Guilford senior

-Ella Gasparini, Guilford junior

-Jefferson Snedegar, Guilford senior

-Mekhi Williams, Guilford senior

-Mya Williams, Guilford senior

-Malena Coan, Jefferson senior

-Kylee Olenjniczak, Jefferson junior

We kick off each school year by spending a few hours getting to know each another. As with everything else, COVID-19 made this gathering more challenging. Riley "Roly Poly" Shannon from Camp Winnebago led students in several team building activities. Thank you, Roly Poly, for your flexibility and helping our students feel more comfortable and get to know one another.

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