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 Students at Gregory School find their "Happy Place"

7/5/2019 3:00 PM

​What a busy week at Camp No Other Person Like You! Here are some highlights from Gregory Elementary School:

Our students met two new monsters in the WorryWoo curriculum. Twitch helped us to learn how to deal with frustration, and Nola helped us curb our feelings of loneliness.

The Discovery Center brought an exciting activity that allowed students to create fossils with clay and toy dinosaurs. 

In media arts, students created a self-portrait using the ChatterPix app on iPads. Students were able to take a selfie, draw a mouth on themselves, and add a recording to their creation. 

A favorite part of the day is Sports Fit with the Rockford Park District. This week, students went outside and explored equipment that they don't get to use during the school year, like the parachute. 

Our theme of the week was "Managing Myself – finding my Happy Place." Students worked to define their happy place through multiple media. Some students drew their happy place, while others found examples of their happy places online. Then the fun part started! Through the use of a green screen, students inserted themselves into their happy places, by either photo or video. They also learned how to use the green screen, and that anything in the picture that is green will disappear into their final product.

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