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 Students Use Digital Art to Tell Their Stories

7/22/2020 12:00 AM

​We are halfway through CAMP 2020: No Place Like the Rock River Valley, and I am so proud of what has been accomplished by the staff and students. This is my first time as a summer school administrator, and everyone’s first experience with a virtual camp. So it’s fair to say that we faced our share of challenges. Yet at every step, I saw teachers work tirelessly to turn those challenges into opportunities as we created an engaging learning opportunity for students. Students in grades K-8 have been learning photo editing, stop-motion animation, coding, robotics, digital storytelling and website design.

I think the most significant factor in our success thus far has been the deep collaboration between our media arts teachers, digital curators and the Rockford Park District staff. These teams have planned instruction, designed lessons, supported their peers through troubleshooting technology, and came together as a professional learning community in a virtual space. All of this work has culminated in daily media arts classes in which students have learned new technology, developed their art skills, and created some pretty amazing digital art.

The students have created a number of great pieces, but my favorite projects so far are the stop-motion animations. As a “high ceiling, low floor” medium, stop motion allows students to tell interesting and powerful stories with simple materials and a camera app, even from a very young age. The projects cover a variety of topics, from whimsy to family to a killer virus; it’s inspiring to watch students find their voice, tell their stories and even wrestle with complex issues.

We are excited to invite you to join us in celebrating the work of our students through the Summer School Media Arts Galleries. These sites are updated often, so please check back regularly. The pages for each school can be accessed by using the links below:

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Constance Lane Media Arts Gallery
Ellis Media Arts Gallery
Eisenhower Media Arts Gallery

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