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 Strong Neighborhood Days

7/23/2019 12:00 AM

​Being out in the community and talking with people is one of my favorite parts about working in the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department.

At the end of June, United Way, Keeping Families and Communities Together (KFACT) and the Rockford Police Department hosted carnival-themed block parties across the city, and we had the wonderful opportunity to participate. Families came out and enjoyed carnival fare such as popcorn and snow cones, while KFACT girls painted faces, applied temporary tattoos and played carnival games. 

There is something so nostalgic about block parties. Seeing people from the neighborhood coming together for nothing more than to have a good time with one another was rejuvenating. 

We were at the block parties with several partners such as Head Start, Crusader Community Health and The Literacy Council (to name a few), and we were able to provide information to families about resources available around our community. The FACE team focused on back-to-school information and helped connect families with departments at Rockford Public Schools. We were so fortunate to have the RPS 205 Welcome Center (open all summer) alongside us to help new families with the enrollment process. The Health Services department also connected families to resources for back-to-school physicals. 

The Discovery Center and the Rockford Area Arts council provided fun (and messy – the best kind!) activities for the kids. They contributed significantly to the laughter I heard throughout the events on those warm summer days.

We will be out again in full force for our annual back-to-school walk on August 2. I can't wait!

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