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 Special Guests and Friends Promote Reading in a Challenging Environment

5/28/2019 12:00 AM

​I enjoy teaching reading and stress to my students the importance of being a good reader. My students face many challenges. With my help, if they overcome just a few of these challenges, they can be that much closer to becoming successful readers. I try to provide reading materials for practice at home as many of my students need books.

Also in class we work on building connections and calming down techniques so that when students have time to read they can actually focus on the material and not other issues. One way in which I promote reading is to provide my students with guest readers as often as possible.

Since the beginning of this school year, Debra Overton, Dean of Differentiated Instruction, has been building relationships with first graders in my class. Once a month, Mrs. Overton has come to class to share her own love of reading with the students and teach self-calming methods to the students. First graders look forward to her visits and talking to Mrs. Overton about their feelings.

Mrs. Overton wrapped up a visit with the first graders on May 2 by bringing them each their own storytime bear. Students practiced belly breathing with their bears and silent reading to their new friends. Mrs. Overton also donated the book of the day to the classroom library. 

Thank you for supporting our students!

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