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 Soaring in Service!

11/28/2018 8:00 AM

​The Student Services department frequently recognizes staff for their accomplished efforts and genuine commitment in providing quality support and intervention services to our families, schools, social intervention educational programs and regional educational centers. Fran Sargent has served RPS 205 for over 18 years in various roles aligned to parent, student and school support. For the past eight years, she has consistently demonstrated quality service to Auburn High School as an attendance specialist. Fran continuously goes above and beyond to aid parents and students in adjusting their way of thinking to realize the importance of attending school daily. She has consistently developed and maintained relationships with over 2,500 Auburn families during her tenure as attendance specialist. 

She was recently honored with the October 2018 SSAL (Support our schools, Service our RPS 205 families And Love our students) staff award for her altruistic deeds during the hiring of two new attendance specialists. Fran assisted both East and Guilford​ in transitioning, training and acclimating their new attendance specialist at the start of this school year. She reflected a genuine commitment to ensure that during the transition period, no Vikings or E-Rabs would experience a significant decline in their attendance services. Her efforts and service truly reflect an overall commitment to our team's success. Student Services is honored to have Fran Sargent as part of our team! She is a true testament of the RPS 205 Strategic Plan Goal 4 – quality staff​.

Fran Sargent, Attendance Specialist
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