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 Shoutout: Wilson Bailey was 'incredibly responsive'

12/2/2019 12:00 AM

​A lot of us in this room wear many hats at RPS 205. I work in the Communications Department, and I am also an assistant coach for the girls tennis program at Guilford High School.

So when the wind screen at the Guilford Tennis Center – that's the big sheet attached to the fence to block the wind for tennis players – was flapping in the breeze one day at practice, and the head coach was frustrated, I called Wilson Bailey. Wilson was not only incredibly responsive, as usual – he came out to the courts during practice to see the wind screen for himself and talk with me and the head coach to find a solution.

I think Wilson could be recognized for living the value of Communication – but I'm going to say Character. It meant a lot to me and to the head coach that he showed up to see the problem himself and work out a solution. Thank you, Wilson!

-Cathy Bayer, Communications Coordinator

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