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 Shoutout: Wilson ASPIRE Art Student Brianna Battles

6/24/2020 12:00 PM
​Students are resilient. The work and dedication I've observed from students during the quarantine/remote learning has proved just that.

One of my students, Brianna Battles, created wonderful artwork while learning remotely. You can get a small glimpse into her at-home learning in the photos at the top of this blog post. Brianna's mother, Lisa Peracki, snapped those photos as she observed Brianna creating and completing her art projects assigned online. Lisa shared, "We have had great fun with remote learning and kept in close contact with her teacher, Laura Hibbs. I am extremely grateful – and so is Brianna – for having this experience. With the challenges and stressors of quarantine, it's been wonderful to have art as an outlet and something positive and therapeutic. 

Brianna and I have bonded significantly through some of her learning techniques, and she has given away some of her artwork as gifts because her pieces have turned out so nice. I'm extremely proud of her, and her enthusiasm has helped her develop feelings of pride in herself.

We owe tremendous credit to her art teacher who has always been a great instructor and encouraged Brianna every step of the way during her learning process!"

Brianna – I'm proud of all your hard work this school year. Have a great summer!

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