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 Shoutout: Joyann Kirschbaum 'committed to supporting principals'

3/11/2020 1:00 AM

​Joyann Kirschbaum, Executive Director of Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Program Schools, is committed to supporting principals. She understands how difficult the position of a building principal can be. Principals have to know a little bit about everything and have to be good at everything to keep the building functioning. She is always there to provide guidance to support next steps to academic and climate and culture improvement within a building. 

Joyann listens to concerns, struggles, ideas and successes. She offers suggestions to support next steps by asking guiding questions. She is continually challenging me to build my capacity as a leader. Thank you, Joyann, for helping me become a better leader.

-Carolyn Timm, Cherry Valley Elementary School Principal

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