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 Shoutout: Early Childhood Screening and Placement team 'greatly appreciated'

11/4/2019 12:00 AM

​The Early Childhood Screening and Placement team demonstrated the values of collaboration and communication with our early childhood sites, transportation department and Sunrise. In addition to serving a high number of families and children new to our district, the team used personal cell phones to communicate with buildings. Several team members traveled to buildings to drop off new enrollments and to pick up transportation changes twice a week to provide buildings with the most updated information. Other team members personally took the transportation additions and changes to the transportation department. Weekly bus lists were picked up at Sunrise late on Friday nights and delivered to buildings Monday mornings. This team has collaborated together to ensure that buildings had what they needed during the outage and at the same time provided a welcoming experience for families new to the district. The entire team is greatly appreciated.

-Kim Nelson, Executive Director of Early Childhood

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