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 Shoutout: Deidra Clark 'showed tremendous character'

10/31/2019 12:00 AM

​Deidra Clark continuously showed tremendous character during the ransomware attack, in addition to the remodeling of the 7th floor. Deidra works hard and efficiently to process the special education records request received from parents, former students, other school districts and government offices. Nobody runs around the admin building like Deidra. You'll find her everywhere! Whether she's working at her desk in the basement, on the 2nd floor copying and scanning, faxing on the 6th floor or not to mention going to West Middle School to access records there, too. Despite the setbacks the ransomware has caused, Deidra finds and utilizes all the resources she can in order to serve RPS 205 students and families. Thank you!

-Tiffany Yang, Student Records Office Professional

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